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The Chairman of the Scientific Commmitte 8th DbI European Conference

photo présidentDear Friends and Colleagues,

As the Chair of the Scientific Committee, I have pleasure in inviting you to the 8th DbI European Conference entitled, "Identities and changes - Commonalities across deafblindness - Learning from each other.", to be held in Lille, France from the 24th to the 28st of August 2013.

Why this topic?

Life trajectories of deafblind people differ from one person to another. But all of them have to face differing degrees of changes. These changes will relate to aging (transition from childhood through adulthood to old age), family contexts, and to the evolution of their physical conditions (especially when deafness, blindness and other difficulties appear).

These individual changes occur in a social context which is also subject to other changes outside their control including technological, political, economic conditions and the type of knowledge used by professionals. While all these changes require creativity in each individual's life, at the same time they also create vulnerability in their lives including the work of the professionals associated with them.

Lately in Europe, many people involved in Deafblindness (including deafblind people themselves, family members and professionals) had to face huge changes in the organisations they are related to as a result of policy changes and state decisions. It is really a paradox that this has occurred since the recognition of Deafblindness as a unique disability was recently proclaimed and endorsed by the European Union and various states. In many instances, these changes have resulted in the mixing together of deafblind services with other types of disabilities.

Therefore, the purposes of this European conference is to show and describe the resilience of 'Deafblindness' as a unique disability in spite of these changes and to find ways to promote approaches that will positively affect the lives of deafblind people and their families.

The format of the conference will reflect the idea that deafblind people should be given all the space they need to assert their own identities and perspectives. It should also ensure that all the varied identities related to Deafblindness (persons with congenital or acquired Deafblindness, family members or professionals) will receive focus, with the intent to show how all these identities are mutually connected and contribute to the building of each individual's identity.

I look forward to welcoming many of you to Lille to what promises to be an exciting conference

Best wishes

Chair of the Scientific Committee
8th DbI European Conference

The organizing committee

photo présidentThe organizing committee is pleased to invite you to the next European Conference of DbI.

After the international conference in 1987 in Poitiers, France is very honored to have been chosen to host this European conference.

It will be held from August 24 to 28, 2013 in Lille.

Lille is a very friendly city in northern France, European crossroads, near Paris, Brussels and London, accessible by plane, TGV and motorway.

In the current economic environment, we want to focus the conference on the promotion of the deafblind person, so it is not left out in the name of the crisis.

Since the first conference we learned a lot from each other. The Scientific Committee is preparing a program in connection with this wealth sharing, meeting the many situations of deafblindness;

The Scientific Committee invites you to participate actively in the sharing and promotion of the deafblind person.

Dominique Spriet
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee
8th DbI European Conference